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Unfortunately my xbox gamepad (bluetooth) doesn't work neither in browser nor in the standalone build (windows). Nothing happens when I click buttons on it.

hello I have a game site
Can I get your game on my site?
Do not worry!
I will advertise you

Did you use Unity for this game?

it's awesome


Thanks Sai! No, we used HTML, Javascript & CSS!

that's awesome man!!

cooh game!!  I can't win the cpu Probably I have to be GPU

why is the CPU so hard? i can survive only 2 sec lol

I have an Xbox 360 controller plugged in, and it changes the icon between keyboard and gamepad when I plug/unplug, but the gamepad inputs don't work. I'm using chromeOS, and other games gave worked with the controller before. 

Hey, thanks for the comment—it seems something has changed recently with how the browser interprets Gamepads as this is the second comment about this in a row. We'll check into it!

Thanks for the reply! Hope it all works out, this looks like a great game :)

Controller not working

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I like it! I showed it to my friend and now we're both into it. I was wondering if you plan on supporting multiplayer in the future. It'd be great!

Also, I'm playing on Firefox and it works flawlessly.

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Hey fufexan, glad to hear it! Do you mean like online multiplayer? You can already play against each other but only at the same computer. Glad to hear Firefox works well!

Yes, I mean online multiplayer.

The game is great and all but the CPU are just way too hard

Hey, thanks! Glad you like it :). Yeah, the CPU is pretty hard, but you can definitely best it. Try exploiting how greedy it is...

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Hey! I have started to notice that from time to time. Are you playing from the browser? Have you tried reloading the page?

Wouldn't want a silly browser stall to keep you from playing!

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Are you still seeing this problem? Mind giving us some browser stats? Would be happy to look into what's going on.

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Really fun game to play with my PS3 Controller. 5 Stars.

But can you make the CPU a little bit more easy? They are basically impossible to beat without a controller...

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you like the game :).

The CPU *is* really difficult, but it's also very greedy. Have you tried hitting the ball backwards off your own goal to confuse it?

Best Pong Like game I've played so far!!!

So glad you like it! Thanks for playing.

Hi! Paddle Force is really awesome, and I would like to talk to you about the possibilties of a release on the web-based gaming platform Are you up for a skype session so I can tell more about Tiltspot, and what we want to do in terms of marketing and publishing? And no worries, we take all the expenses! :) Hit me up at!

can i buy this game?

Hey—the game is free to play online and download but if you want buy us coffees, you can use the "Support this Game" link! Cheers and glad you're enjoying it!

This game is the best local multiplayer of In our office (also of video games) we have accumulated more than 5 hours playing while we make builds. Congratulations, please upload more games. Do you have social networks to follow your activity?

Sweet—glad you're enjoying it! Since you've played a bunch with other people we'd love to hear any feedback you have about the gameplay, balance, power-ups, feature requests, etc etc. We're working on some small updates to the game now, so maybe there are some quick changes we can make if you have some ideas. We're both on twitter - and - not a ton of updates though as making this game was a hobby project. We'd love to work on a new game again though. Cheers!

This is so much fun! Is there any way to change the colors? Also, what game engine was this created with?

Hey thanks a lot—glad you're enjoying it! Unfortunately no, but that would be a cool setting, are you talking about the board colors? Maybe we can work color selection into a new version. We didn't use a game engine, it's just all custom javascript, html & cc - we did use matter.js for the physics simulation however.

I really enjoyed it. Reminds me of VIDEOBALL. Worked fine on latest Firefox build.

Hey thanks a lot! Good to know about Firefox - we were running into some slight performance and rendering issues with it in the past so just didn't feel great recommending it at this point. Cheers!

The AI is destroying me. Still had fun though :)


What if the AI became self aware?

Thanks for the awesome game. Loved of the different options of power ups. Bones are super OP, but I guess it would help if I stopped accidentally giving my opponent power ups. Had way more fun with this one than I expected to. Fantastic.

Thanks for the great review :). We're glad you guys had fun.

brought some power a gamepads and my mac to work, had an absolute blast!

Glad to hear it! Thanks for playing :).

Guys, my friends at the office loved this game. Lovely twist on the original pong and furthermore beautifully executed.

Hey, we are happy to hear it! Were you able to play with gamepads?

Yeah it works great with gamepads!!!

Excellent twist on a classic, flobotron. I've become really attracted to small, local multiplayer games like this lately and I think this is the best one I've found on

Granted, your foundation here is a golden classic, but you've twisted  and improved the rules and mechanics to the point where it feels like a truly new game. Congrats on the release of a fantastic game! <3

Hey, we appreciate that a lot! Thank you!

For some reason I can't download it using the client. How do I fix this?

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Hey Pootis, I put the Windows and Mac downloads in a Google Drive folder, let me know if these work for you.

Also, do you mean the installable client? Are you seeing some kind of error when you try?

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Yes. When I install it, it gets stuck at about 75% in the install phase. Also, if I quit the client and open it back up, it will have the Lauch button but 'no executables were found' and I can't uninstall it for some reason.

EDIT: The zip file works! Thanks a lot for the help!

EDIT 2: Comodo Firewall keeps saying that the game needs to gain an elevated privilege, it's saying that PADDLE FORCE is trying to execute PADDLE FORCE and that it wants to modify a protected registry key. This seems to freeze the game.

EDIT 3: I just have to allow everything! By the way, you did an amazing job at upgrading Pong! Keep it up and thanks for the help!

Thanks Pootis. Glad you enjoy it :). The warnings you saw must have been from the install process because of the wrapper we used to build the game. If you have some screenshots to help us understand it, we'd love to see them.