Annual Update

Firstly, it's been so great to see the warm reception to this project. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and played the game, and given us feedback so far. Keep it coming!

But, really, since it's been such a long time (6 months!) since we released the game, we wanted to post some more information about the project, and some kind of update. So...

Here we go!

What is this game?

Paddle Force is a collaborative effort between Bobby Richter and Luke Pacholski to experiment with reusable tools, designs, and systems to make fun games around simple ideas. This game was made with a custom engine using web technology, backed by the Matter.js physics engine and some well-known emojis. It also features the excellent sound and music design of Devon Bird. You don't have to pay to play it, but if you want to support our hamburger fund, feel free to do so.

If you want to see some intense community action, check out some of the brave souls who posted their gameplay on YouTube:

Is it done?

Pretty much, but we always love a good piece of feedback or a feature request that will bend this game in interesting ways. We're also working on a big update that will remove a lot of UX hiccups and loading screens, and generally provide a cleaner experience. Stay tuned for that!

Will there be more like this?

This is a hobby project, and while we both love thinking about, talking about, playing, and making games, it all depends on moments of downtime that we can dedicate to this process.

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